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Has your junior farmer ever wanted to watch a flower blossom? Try a junior farmer experiment out for size and watch their excitement grow as their own flower blooms in front of their own eyes. This activity is great for some down time – and it’s easy!

Step 1: Gather your materials
Crayons, markers or other coloring materials
A piece of paper
A container filled with water

Step 2: Design your flower
This is where your engineering mind can work best! How many petals should you include? Should you use crayons or markers? Should you add dots, stripes or a solid color?

Step 3: Cut out your flower
Be careful, those scissors are sharp!

Step 4: Fold your flower petals inward
Don’t fold them too tightly or else the flower will struggle to unfold.

Step 5: Watch it bloom!
Place your flower in the water and watch as your freshly picked product blooms in front of you. Now observe its reaction like our farmers might observe their crops when they are ready to harvest.

  • Did the colors dissolve into the water? If you used a different coloring material, do you think that would have affected the result?
  • How quickly (or slowly) did your flower bloom? If you folded it differently, would this have changed the speed?

Extra challenge!
Test your theories out. Use a different number of petals this time and see what might change. Like farmers, you have learned to take a moment and breathe while enjoying your harvest. You might have also learned that even the slightest change in a product can affect the resulting harvest. Share your results with pictures or a video on social media using #DeFBJuniorFarmers! We want to see what you’ve grown.

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