Since it was established in 1944, the Delaware Farm Bureau has become one of the strongest farm organizations in the First State. DFB is a non-profit and nongovernmental organization that serves as a unified voice for farmers in the State of Delaware. Controlled by its members through the democratic process and financed through membership dues, this group of over 5,800 farm families and farm community members help form a national organization that is over six million strong. These families are united for the purpose of preserving agriculture as an industry and way of life; Farm Bureau is their vehicle to accomplish this.

Our Mission: To promote and protect Delaware Agriculture through education and advocacy to ensure a quality of life for farmers and their consumers

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Membership dues are $65 per year.

Regular members are individuals who are farmers engaged in the production of agricultural products.

Farm Community members are individuals who are not farmers and are interested in agriculture. (These members were formerly called Associate or Friend of Agriculture members.)

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Delaware Farm Bureau 3457 S. DuPont Highway Camden, DE 19934