Promotion & Education Committee

Our Mission: The Delaware Farm Bureau Promotion and Education committee partners with Delaware farm families to create relationships with our neighbors, the consumer, to promote Delaware’s number one industry and educate the public and farmer alike.

The Delaware Farm Bureau Promotion and Education Committee is continuously educating the public on the importance of farmers and farming. Delaware farmers are dedicated to supporting and feeding their communities through their hard work and unwavering efforts. The Promotion and Education Committee is focused on supporting our local farmers and educating our community on the vital role farmers play in our economy.

Our Programs

The Annual Photo Contest encourages amateur photographers to submit photos highlighting Delaware’s agriculture. The top four photos receive a monetary award, along with a framed certificate, and their photos are on display in the Delaware Farm Bureau state office. To learn more about the Annual Photo Contest, click here.

Our Annual Safety Conference is a one-day event, that began in 2017, that promotes safety on the farm and offers farmers a handful of beneficial resources. To learn more about this event and to see a recap from this year’s Annual Safety Conference, click here

Through our Digitally Marketing Delaware’s Specialty Crops campaign, we will be educating consumers on the various specialty crops grown in Delaware, and the benefits of incorporating them into their daily meals. Be sure to follow the Delaware Farm Bureau on Facebook and Instagram to check out the featured specialty crops, and to see where you can locally purchase Delaware grown produce!

The goal of our Read It and Eat project is to educate elementary children on the different types of specialty crops that are grown in Delaware, as well as teach them the importance of healthy eating. By July of 2021, every elementary school in the state of Delaware will have a “book barn,” which is a bookshelf in the shape of a barn, in their school library. Each book barn contains at least twelve accurate ag books about various specialty crops that students can check out and read together with their families. 

The Rural Road Initiative program launched in 2015. This program is designed to help teach drivers, and the community, about the importance of driving safely when farm equipment is on the road. 

Through this program, we educate drivers on Slow-Moving Vehicles (SMV), and what to do when you are sharing the road with them. To learn more about our Rural Road Safety Initiative, click here. 

Our Rural Road Safety brochures can be found at the Delaware Farm Bureau State office in Camden, DE, at any DMV location, and at the Smyrna Rest Stop.

Meet the Promotion & Education Committee

Debbie Kirk, Chair

Sandy Virdin

June Unruh

Connie Fox

Jackie King

J. T. Robbins

Samantha Kirk Harrington



Sandy Urian

Rebecca Urian

Casey Collier

Katie Foster

Alan Bailey

Mikayla Paul, DEFB State Coordinator

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