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In 2013, American Farm Bureau Federation created a “GO Team,” a Grassroots Outreach group of key advocates and thought leaders, whose views on a subject are taken to be authoritative and influential.

GO Team members advocate by attending targeted issue fly-ins with lawmakers on topics such as on tax reform, answering media calls on priority issues, engaging with consumers, hosting lawmakers at farms engaging with media and participating in meetings with White House officials, all in support of Farm Bureau’s positions.

Recent polls of congressional offices have shown that direct contact from constituents with members of Congress and staff, and interaction with the media, is the most effective way to influence policy.

Other critical factors influencing legislators are stories about the real-world ramifications of legislative action – or inaction.  These stories, told in local media, can have an important influence on a congressional member’s willingness to move forward – or stop – critical legislation.  

Consumers are also focusing more closely on issues that directly affect agriculture. Reaching out to these consumers as active farmers and ranchers – through the media and social media – is vital. AFBF’s Grassroots Outreach Team, or GO Team, helps Farm Bureau be effective in this challenging climate.

The goal for the GO Team is simple: be the best group of grassroots and media advocates for Farm Bureau.

Delaware Farm Bureau is not yet represented on the GO Team. DFB is looking for farmer members in good standing who can represent Farm Bureau if a favorable light. Candidates must have an email address and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

We know that Farm Bureau members are busy with farm, family and community responsibilities. But we also know there are those who want to be more engaged and they have the desired skills and ability to be part of the GO Team. They are members who:

• Have received advocacy and media training;

• Are part of a leadership committee or program; or

  • Have accomplished skills in advocacy and/or communications.

If you would like to be considered for the GO Team to represent Delaware, please contact Executive Director Joseph Poppiti at or call (302) 697-3183.

Post Author: Mikayla Paul

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