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Delaware Farm Bureau is urging farmers to take extra precautions during this period of intensive crop irrigation to prevent their irrigation systems from spraying water onto roadways.

“It is extremely dry right now, so farmers are running their irrigation systems much more than usual. We just want to remind them to check their end guns to ensure they do not spray our roadways. This can be very dangerous to motorists, especially at night,” said Delaware Farm Bureau Executive Director Don Clifton.

Water on the road can create safety hazards such as hydroplaning and traffic accidents due to slippery conditions. Roads can quickly become more slippery than expected when water from rain or an irrigation system mixes with the oils on the road. This is particularly hazardous at night and for motorcyclists.

Additionally, water on the roads can lead to damage to the road itself. Pooling water that collects along roadsides or embankments can, over time, weaken the base of the road. Water can also seep into cracks, further weakening those spots.

Delaware Farm Bureau appreciates the cooperation of farmers in addressing these important safety concerns.

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