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For the Bishop Family, it’s all about their roots. Dale and Donna Bishop of Felton, DE, raised their kids with strong agricultural roots, and their kids, Megan, Logan, and Ali could not be more thankful.

Dale grew up working on his family’s dairy farm. In the 1990s, he and Donna established Bishop Farms. They primarily grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and barley on about 2,200 acres. They have dabbled in vegetables and started a custom application business in 2001 that eldest daughter, Megan, has now taken over. Not wanting to stray too far away from the dairy community, Dale does some chopping for dairy farmers; his kids say this is his favorite.

Balancing raising three very involved kids with the busy and unpredictable schedule of a farmer is a hard task, but Donna and Dale made it work and gave their kids a life they are forever grateful for. Many times, it was Dale in the field and Donna running the kids and taking care of household chores.

Ali, the youngest daughter, recalled a time, during one of her high school field hockey games, she was excited that her dad might make it, but he couldn’t get out of the field in time. While Donna was the one attending most of their events, she did her best to keep Dale involved by sending as many pictures or videos as she could. The kids knew that he was cheering them on from afar; Megan said, “We knew he loved us because he worked to put a roof over our head and meals on the table.”

It may have been rare to have all five Bishops in the same room, but that didn’t change how close they were. Ali said, “You look back and you think wow, that’s such a fond memory, and it’s just a picture of mom and dad eating pizza on the side of a road in front of a field. We just make those family moments work however we can.” This is the reality of farm families; some of the best memories come from the cab of a tractor.

The Bishop girls were taught early in life that hard work pays off. Dale and Donna were very transparent and honest with their children, teaching them lessons in work ethic, dedication, responsibility, and sacrifice. The girls shared that their dad was always telling them, “The harder you work, the more you’ll have in life.” Growing up, they had their fair share of chores to contribute to the family and it didn’t matter that they were girls.

Dale taught the girls to be appreciative of the farming community. He stressed to never burn a bridge because you never know when you will have to cross it again. Farming is truly a community effort; it’s important to help neighbors. Megan added, “Dad has always been a man of morals. He thanks everyone that has contributed to his success.”

Megan and Logan, now parents of their own, use these many lessons in their parenting style. All are so appreciative that their parents provided them with the opportunity to raise their kids on the farm. Megan and Logan both get their kids involved on the farm as much as possible, showing them how farm life works. Ali, not yet a mother, added that her nieces and nephew love it; they already have dreams of being barrel racers and farmers.

Logan hopes that she can instill the self-confidence in her kids that her parents instilled in her. She grew up knowing that she needed to be true to herself and not conform to something she’s not. “We’re raising our kids in the purest way that they can be raised. Even if it is bad out there, we know that we are going to raise good humans that are going to contribute and find their place in society. They’re going to be the third generation on this farm. Every piece of it has been through us, a truly family-run business. Our parents are the ones that started all of this. They did this all by themselves. They built this from the ground up, and that’s what makes us so proud of them.”

The most important lesson that the Bishop daughters recall being taught growing up is to be true to themselves; don’t forget your roots or stray from your values. Their dad often reminded them, “don’t forget your roots,” emphasizing the importance of staying connected to where they come from. Ali recalled her mom saying, “Whatever you are faced with today, don’t back down, stand up, be proud. God will prevail. Dad and I have struggled more than most, and I feel so very strong because of it. Praise Jesus for the hardships.” Megan, Logan, and Ali all shared how proud and appreciative they are of their parents for sacrificing so much to give them the best childhood they could imagine.

There are so many ups and downs of farm life, but farmers do it because they love it. They have the responsibility to feed, clothe, and provide for the world. That’s a tremendous amount of pressure, but they still get in the tractor every day and plow on. Ali added, “I wish more of the public knew just how much of a sacrifice it is. Dad is never going to retire because his life is in that soil… I just wish people knew just how much love and sacrifice go into farming every single day.”

The girls acknowledged that it’s not easy being a farmer’s wife either. Donna wore so many hats: mother, chef, chauffeur, maid, and now babysitter for her loving grandchildren. The Bishop girls will never be grateful enough for all that their parents did and continue to do for them. Logan says, “The reason that we are who we are is because of them. They did it on their own. Never a handout or a one-up, it was always hard work and dedication.” Megan added, “It’s the best life to live.”

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