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Farmers are growing a climate for tomorrow everyday from their operations across the globe. Celebrating National Ag Day on Tuesday, March 19, with the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) is one way to support local producers so they can continue doing what they do best – farming.  

Delaware Farm Bureau Executive Director Don Clifton said Ag Day is a good reminder that farmers, like other business owners, need the support of their community to continue growing strong and vibrant operations while maintaining sustainable agricultural practices. 

“Agriculture continues to be Delaware’s leading industry. It stays at the top because of dedicated farmers who learn about and adopt innovative practices to increase production while maintaining healthy soils. We take care of the land so the land can take care of all of us. Treating it right is one of our top priorities and to do that, we need to continue advocating for agriculture with the support of our consumers and those who are professionally engaged in the industry backing us up,” Clifton said. 

In honor of National Ag Day, the ACA has planned virtual and in-person events in Washington DC for March 19. The organization has invited students from all over to interact virtually with legislators and agency representatives, delivering the Ag Day message. A core leadership team of college students will participate in the DC events, along with representatives of national farm and commodity organizations, representatives of the food, fuel, and fiber communities.

According to USDA Economic Research Service, more than 22 million full- and part-time jobs were related to the agricultural and food sector, or roughly 10 percent of all US employment. On-farm jobs represented about 2.6 million jobs, or a little over one percent of US employment. Take that a step further, agriculture- and food-related jobs totaled more than 19 million. 

“More and more, students and individuals are finding careers in agriculture. The industry needs scientists, biologists, food safety technicians, livestock nutrition specialists, arborists, conservationists – one doesn’t have to be a farmer or have a direct on-farm job to be involved in the agriculture industry,” Jenny Pickett, ACA president said.

2024 National Ag Day marks the 51st year of the nationwide effort to share real stories of American agriculture, and remind citizens that agriculture affects everyone. “From the food we eat and the fuel for our vehicles, to the fiber in the clothes we wear, and the oil used to make kids’ crayons, agriculture touches everyone in some way,” Pickett added. 

The National Ag Day program encourages every American to: 

  • Understand how food, fiber, and fuel products are produced. 
  • Appreciate the role agriculture plays in providing safe, abundant, and affordable products. 
  • Value the essential role of agriculture in maintaining a strong economy. 
  • Acknowledge and consider careers in the agriculture, food and fiber industry. 

In addition to the events on March 19, the ACA will offer the Ag Day Essay Contest. Interested students would create video essays on the topic of Agriculture in the Future: If I had two minutes to talk to a farmer.” The winning video essay will be presented on National Ag Day. 

For more information on the National Ag Day effort, visit or contact Pickett directly at to discuss sponsorship opportunities, or with any additional questions. 

Locally, the DEFB’s Promotion & Education Committee plans to celebrate Ag Day by hosting a legislative luncheon at Legislative Hall in Dover on March 19. 

This event offers legislators and their staff another chance to interact with DEFB, talk about upcoming legislation, ask questions and learn more about Delaware’s top industry. Students involved in 4-H and FFA will also be onsite to engage changemakers in powerful conversations. 

To get involved with the DEFB, visit or reach out to the state office at 302-697-3183.

Post Author: Mikayla Paul

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