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The Delaware Farm Bureau is proud to announce its 2020 Blue Jacket Bonanza winners.

Delaware FFA members can be found learning about the business of agriculture in schools throughout Delaware. The classic blue jackets worn by FFA members are part of their official uniform and is a tradition within the organization that helps the students show off their FFA pride.

“I definitely view the blue jackets as a way of unifying our members into one group or even a family. When people see the blue jacket that has been around for decades, they feel a sense of pride and unity,” Delaware FFA Executive Secretary Amanda Powell said. “And I think when members are given the chance to get their own jackets, they feel accepted as a part of this family and are proud to wear them with their teammates.”

This year, 44 students will receive jackets from the Delaware Farm Bureau’s Blue Jacket Bonanza Wednesday, March 11, during the annual Delaware FFA State Convention. Since 2015, Delaware Farm Bureau has awarded 291 jackets totaling $17,525 through the program.

The blue jackets are awarded based on need, community service, leadership skills and a commitment to the FFA program. The following students, listed by school, will be awarded blue jackets through this program:

Caesar Rodney High School

Vanessa Gaines

Madison Arsenault

Joshua Boyles

Abigail Meaney

Gabrielle Frasier

Luis Moreno

Donna Urian

Shelby Serrano

Karissa Hernandez

Seaford High School

Zane Adams

Nathalia Arbaiza

Hannah Moore

MOT Charter School

Karen Netto

Amanda Martin

Daisy Timney

Sussex Central High School

Elizabeth Houseman

Breyden Wright

Katerine Gutierrez

Leilani Brogan

Kailie Olszewski

Rebecca Tripp

Middletown High School

Rylee Albany

Weslee Harkins

Faith Housler

Jacob Green

Ashlee Prall

Reese Albany

Adrianna Mazzio

Emerson Hickey

Anna Kimbel

Woodbridge High School

Harley Short

Sabrina Gerving

Thomas Mckean High School

Makayla Bradley

Smyrna High School

Isabella McMullen

Alexis McCanney

Sydney Kirch

Evan Denney

Elizabeth Evans

Hannah Everhart

Megan Dinsmore

Faith Hewes

William Penn High School

Harlie Malvezzi

Ardella Webb

Appoquinimink High School

Keeley McCormick

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