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Bill Powers, DEFB President

Have you ever thought about how the Farm Bureau impacts our local communities, and our state and federal policies? 

The input of our grassroots membership helps the Farm Bureau maintain its role as the Voice of Agriculture in all of those arenas. Armed with our input and guidance, the Delaware Farm Bureau and the American Farm Bureau Federation alike contributes to policies at the state and federal levels. We can also greatly impact how agencies like Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Delaware’s Department of Agriculture and NRCS, or the Natural Resources Conservation Service, run programming as it relates to agriculture and our consumers. 

In order to make the best impact, it is critical that we have the input of individuals from a very diverse background of production, from large to small. Truthfully, we touch a lot of policy here at the Farm Bureau. We pride ourselves on being an organization of impressive numbers, at both the state and national levels. Those numbers give us power and, of course, input, to help craft a better tomorrow. 

As farmers, we need a space where we can bounce ideas and concerns off of each other and get results. On a personal level, I know it’s important to have connections and kinships. On a business level, these conversations can often lead to better business practices and improved products, as well as the added benefit of impacting future legislation. The Delaware Farm Bureau provides that space for us throughout the year during its various activities. 

One of the greatest opportunities for our farmer members to engage in these conversations is by becoming a volunteer and, specifically, a delegate within our organization. Becoming a delegate involves a time commitment of about one day per year — the DEFB’s annual meeting which is scheduled for Nov. 28 at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover. 

This all-day meeting is free for delegates to attend and includes breakfast and lunch, presentations by professionals in the agricultural industry and the opportunity to vote on issues that concern Delaware Farm Bureau members. Last year, delegates heard policy and market updates from American Farm Bureau Federation staff, and discussed the scrap tire program and deer management solutions with employees from the state of Delaware. Delegates also voted on policies relating to deer management, among other issues, and voted on leadership roles for the upcoming year. 

The annual meeting is possibly one of the more important things we do at DEFB as it helps guide our volunteers and staff through the next year based on the needs of our membership. This is the time our membership can really put their thoughts and desires out there for us – and we are listening. 

Over the last year, conversations we’ve had with our delegates and members have helped shape future meetings with lawmakers and educators, to name a couple and resulted in new opportunities for students in Delaware and helped us craft legislation that could impact your bottom line in the near future. 

I would urge our members to consider taking the time to be a delegate for our organization because our future deserves our best. It has been an exciting year serving as your board president and I’d love to share the leadership experience with more members as they step up to become delegates. 

If you are interested in this role, please contact the office at 302-697-3183 or speak with your county president directly. Counties will be voting on delegates for the year very soon, so don’t wait! 

For those considering this opportunity to improve on agriculture in the First State, thank you! This role is incredibly important. Your time and expertise in our field is valued. We appreciate the time you offer. 

Post Author: Mikayla Paul

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